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Hey Everyone!
2 questions:
I'm going to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for an internship from June 21st-July 23rd-ish.... so I was looking for an apt, and the law firm I'm going to reccomended one, that looked gorgeous but was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than I even pay for my apartment in Boston!!!

I think that's kind of ridiculous....!

Do any of you have any ideas on how to find decent/cheaper living? Even craigslists' prices seem to be through the roof. (I'm poor because of law school and question #2 ;-p...)

I need to be able to get to the Financial District very easily (preferrebly walking?)

And I've heard that Barrio Norte- Recoleta is a nice place...

Sooooooooooo clueless, so anything will help!
Before going to Argentina, I'm going to backpack around Europe for a month.
A friend and I are going to London on the 24th. We need to make our way to Amsterdam by the 27th to meet up w/ another friend... and then we plan on travelling to the following cities:

Stockholm-->budapest-->prague--> berlin/frankfurt-->
sicily (we need to be here around 5/10)--> Paris
& then our flights leave from london on 5/20.

1. Ryanair doesn't travel from london--> amsterdam... anyone know of a cheap way to get there?
2. Is this list of cities a little tooooo crazy? My friends want to go to Poland too, but I don't think we have time for it and I also think that it will make us travel in circles.
The only cities we NEED to go to are London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt (to visit my travelling partner's grandma) & Sicily (to visit my grandma! ;-)!). I'm an Italian citizen & I've been to Italy a gazillion times, it's just the rest of the trip I'm worried about. ;-)

Any advice is MUCH appreciated ;-)



Name: Mandy
Age: 18
Where do you live? Indiana, US of A
Where have you been? Georgia, Pennslyvannia, Indiana, Maryland.
Where do you want to go? Colombia (the country), Spain, Japan, Italy, France, England, Greece, most of the rest of Europe, maybe China, alot of other places that I'm sure I'm forgetting
Favorite travel destinations: Don't have any yet :)
Anything else you want to share: I like what this community is about, I hope it grows :) Can't wait to see everyone's pictures! (About the icon: It says, in Spanish, "Traveler, are your steps the path and nothing more"; it's a quote from A. Machado)
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Name: Grey
Age: 21
Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY
Where have you been?
Puerto Rico, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Finland
Where do you want to go? 
Las Vegas (ill be going in April, yay), Japan, Mexico City, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Paris, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Ohio, Seattle, Istanbul
Favorite travel destinations: My fave place to visit has been Helsinki, Finland, so far.
Anything else you want to share: lust2wander was created because although there are a shitload of amazing travel communities on Ljay, i wanted a community that incooperated stories, topics, graphics and all of that in one. :) i hope it becomes a nice scrapbook of destinations, memories, and photos. I have an uncontolable wanderlust and an empty wallet so i cant wait to explore other places through everyones journeys!