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Helsinki, Finland - July, 2007
 lust2wander - (haiirobomb)
06:19pm 29/03/2008
Grey posting in Wanderlust

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12:25am 30/03/2008 (UTC)
Terri Akisauce: Traveler
Beautiful pictures!

There's an exchange student here from Finland, but I hadn't seen pictures of her country before. Thanks for sharing these :) I might have to go visit Finland sometime.

On a somewhat off-topic note, I find it interesting that the word "taxi" is written on that side. In Spanish and English the word "taxi" means the same thing, I'm wondering if it does in Finnish to. Ah well, best ask one of my gajillion language communities :)
picword: Traveler
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12:28am 30/03/2008 (UTC)
Terri Akisauce: Question Everything
And by "side" I mean "sign."
picword: Question Everything
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01:10am 30/03/2008 (UTC)
Grey: subway guy
Oh yes, I really recommend everyone to visit Finland. Its just beautiful there. :)

Hmmm, Im not really sure. While learning finnish taxi was usually spelled taksi. In my dictionary it says taxi means an automobile in finnish. *shrugs* I had these same language issues when I was there. lol.
picword: subway guy
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