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 lust2wander - (torasama)
05:53pm 29/03/2008
Terri Akisauce posting in Wanderlust
Name: Mandy
Age: 18
Where do you live? Indiana, US of A
Where have you been? Georgia, Pennslyvannia, Indiana, Maryland.
Where do you want to go? Colombia (the country), Spain, Japan, Italy, France, England, Greece, most of the rest of Europe, maybe China, alot of other places that I'm sure I'm forgetting
Favorite travel destinations: Don't have any yet :)
Anything else you want to share: I like what this community is about, I hope it grows :) Can't wait to see everyone's pictures! (About the icon: It says, in Spanish, "Traveler, are your steps the path and nothing more"; it's a quote from A. Machado)
mood: contentcontent
music: J. Geils Band - Centerfold
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10:19pm 29/03/2008 (UTC)
Grey: travel plane wander
Hi Mandy!
Welcome. :)
I love your icon. I hope this community grows too. I'm trying to figure out a way to tell people about i'ts existance without spamming other communities.
picword: travel plane wander
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12:20am 30/03/2008 (UTC)
Terri Akisauce: Traveler
Hi Grey :) Thank you! (x2!)

I find out about alot of communities through people cross-posting and saying which communities they've cross-posted to. Food for thought :)
picword: Traveler
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