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 lust2wander - (malenky)
02:21pm 26/04/2008
and in flew enza posting in Wanderlust
Hey Everyone!
2 questions:
I'm going to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for an internship from June 21st-July 23rd-ish.... so I was looking for an apt, and the law firm I'm going to reccomended one, that looked gorgeous but was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than I even pay for my apartment in Boston!!!

I think that's kind of ridiculous....!

Do any of you have any ideas on how to find decent/cheaper living? Even craigslists' prices seem to be through the roof. (I'm poor because of law school and question #2 ;-p...)

I need to be able to get to the Financial District very easily (preferrebly walking?)

And I've heard that Barrio Norte- Recoleta is a nice place...

Sooooooooooo clueless, so anything will help!
Before going to Argentina, I'm going to backpack around Europe for a month.
A friend and I are going to London on the 24th. We need to make our way to Amsterdam by the 27th to meet up w/ another friend... and then we plan on travelling to the following cities:

Stockholm-->budapest-->prague--> berlin/frankfurt-->
sicily (we need to be here around 5/10)--> Paris
& then our flights leave from london on 5/20.

1. Ryanair doesn't travel from london--> amsterdam... anyone know of a cheap way to get there?
2. Is this list of cities a little tooooo crazy? My friends want to go to Poland too, but I don't think we have time for it and I also think that it will make us travel in circles.
The only cities we NEED to go to are London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt (to visit my travelling partner's grandma) & Sicily (to visit my grandma! ;-)!). I'm an Italian citizen & I've been to Italy a gazillion times, it's just the rest of the trip I'm worried about. ;-)

Any advice is MUCH appreciated ;-)

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